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Monday, August 27, 2012

Babyfreeze to 1 Giant Leap

This is dedicated to the ones who actually believed I could do a fraction of what is streetsoul – Bboy Pari, BBoy Jaggi and BGal Jagriti. I had just broken up from my partner of 5+yrs and wanted to get back to dancing. Normal step-itty step was too mundane and I needed something that sent me home with sore muscles and a gratified soul. Enter – Bboying. I knew and had seen bboying but never in my wildest dreams thought or imagined there was indeed a scene, a pool of rare talent fueled by determination and the openness to have people in. I was graciously accepted in. I was the only girl in the class *roll eyes*. But Pari and Jaggi were the sweetest funniest and most dedicated bundle I had met and befriended. Add to them others like Sid and Jagriti. I have seen some funny classes, some amazing classes and some serious power works in place. I saw the talent, the dreams and a lot more. What remains (to date) with me is the relations and friends I took from there. 4 to be exact. 

Pari (co-founder and key member of UDK aka ‘Underdog Kombat Crew’) my ever confused flittering soul, an absolute delight to communicate with and a powerhouse of potential with an equally heightened talent for IGNORING that potential. Think I have had more conversations with him where I am busy scolding the shit outta him. Lol and the poor guy takes it all in. I see big for him. Big dreams and bigger banners and posters of his dream graffittied across it. He is hardworking and relentless. But the thing that strikes you about him instantly is his modesty and how humble he is and easy to reach out to. From my 1st class I never felt stupid or clumsy. He relented and pressed for repetition and trial and error. Didn’t give up. It wasn’t like I was going for THE world jam of bgirling but it didn’t matter. I was a student and I was learning. It was my outlet for many possibilities and impossibilities. He was open about what works for him and what didn’t. What he thinks he did wrong and happiness for all that went well. Simple and crisp. He reminds me of Manny from Ice age. His appearance is the bang opp of Manny but he has his misplaced head still sitting on his shoulders. My recent encounter with him looked hopeful and that he is well on his way. I am still waiting for his red-carpet moment. It’s been nearly 3 years now of knowing him and there are many more years to come… Cheers Pari. 
Jagriti – let me tell u this girl is driven. She is fearless, hyper, uber talented and underrated. If let loose she can give the world a spin and can put many to shame or a run for their savings account. Unfortunately, for her health and over protective bodyguards it’s been nothing less of a struggle for her. To simply showcase what is already installed and needs basic upgrades. My constant companion to all do’s to reminisce about good ol’ class days. And when the moment kicks in she is at her best and can deliver. Cover girl for Nokia India Fest 2011 J Waiting for her to graduate from her latest ventures to the clouds up there. 

Jaggi – I don’t know where to begin with him. Once I do start, I’m afraid there won’t be an end. A bundle of energy, talent and absolutely originality. More than bboying I always remember/ miss Jaggi for his quick wit and dry sense of humor which has us either in splits or in hours of ‘jugalbandi’ over sms until one of our phone batteries is exhausted or in case of Jaggi – he will lose his phone, in the local trains, periodically. In fact losing his phone has now become sort of a tradition which I am sure he will diligently pass down to his young’uns like family tradition (hoping that when he reads this he realizes how annoyed the rest of us are with him). Forgiving him his trespasses, he has a heart of gold and an unknown source of patience that he now distributes evenly at the Bainganwadi project “Familia de Ouro”. He is a delight to watch at all the events and a severe underdog – ironically also part of a crew aptly name UDK aka ‘Underdog Kombat Crew’. I always wait to cheer him at all do’s along with Pari, Sid (literally another fella like the IA sloth) and Kannan – a younger protégé. Jaggi is a powerhouse with power moves and dedication. He builds in on hours of training and yet manages to not let any part of him break down or wear out. The kids at Familia de Ouro had taken to him like moth to a flame in the rains. That’s when I knew there was an unmistakable heart of gold and limbs of steel. Once in a while this guy, I absolutely love, has the penchant to amaze me with dormant talent or an action that has me with a stupid gaping look on my face; almost like powerful aftershocks after a fresh eruption or earthquake. And to think he works in finance pppffftttt. Mature and level headed than most guys his age and well beyond his years – he knows he has me to support him forever and he makes sure he makes every instance count by sucking my blood dry <3.