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Sunday, September 25, 2011

She Cried ©

Painfully she wound up in bed
Crisp on her pillow, where she lay.
The light dimmed
Her eyes barely shut
Slowly rolled a drop in her hair.

She cried because the world was unfair
Lies unfurled, irony and despair
Disowned by plight
Nor hers nor mine
Was wishful thinking
Her life was a lie.

Why did it hurt? Such physical pain
Not a scratch no cut
Just deep in her veins
Rush of guilt, she lashed out hard

Oh! Unfair world
Seemed miles apart.
Seeking love in fragile quest
Seemed so peaceful, yet so pale

She cried, not for the mocking souls
She cried because she felt like a fool.
Slipping fast she fell from the edge
No grip in sight, blind by her faith

Blow by blow, to her was void
Like a vortex, she spun out of sight.
It’s a dream, comforted her heart in vain
Her mind battled to thrust its way

Why she cried so hard
No one knew
To her t’was only thing to do.

Feeling betrayed, helpless, lost
Where’s the tear of laughter
She almost forgot
She cried for self, dad and mom
She cried for those who seemed unknown.

She cried to God in hoarse whispers
In truth, the night was bitter and cold
The crumpled sheet returned its warmth
Her fingers stiff from the desperate hold.

Blindness be her friend for now
Black shroud to comfort her soul
She cried in the cold of the night
Cried, for no one sensed her plight.

No shadow lurked, at the door
To better her life, least she hoped
Buried her head deep inside
No breath escaped for that moment of time.

Her soul bare, stripped of love
Suddenly she felt naked undone
All was lost, no single hope
Gushing tears shrouded her door.

She cried till her eyes balled up
Cried till she was red and hot
Consoled herself with no one around
An afterthought would cause a rebound.

Sleep crept in, a friendly stranger
Her dreams flickered, began to waver
She cried for a new tomorrow
Cried so she did it no more.

Oh life! Be merciful to her
One who sheds for anything disturbed
It dawned on her, all seemed so small
A queen in her world, an angel foretold.

Forget yesterday, deal with tomorrow
Today was a flood of sorts
She cried for those who cannot do
Those who can’t love
The way that she could.