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Friday, May 29, 2015

Thump thump...

*Thump Thump…*
Extreme fidgeting, relocating seats to get a better view
*Thump Thump…*
Do I look pretty? Should I just wait here? Damn I forgot the rose and chocolates. *Thump Thump…*

I waited at the arrival lounge of the CS Domestic Terminal for his flight to land. Hadn’t much opportunities in the past where he landed and I could come and get him. The novelty of the pickup and drop before and after a journey remain a romanticized concept in my head. After all, who doesn’t want to know or feel like they were missed – even if for a day!
I was excited. He was coming home after an overnight trip to Delhi. Yes, I see him every day. Yes, I speak to him every day. Yes, I know where he is every day. For me that didn’t mean his entry and exit didn’t make a difference or I would shrug and go ‘meh… its just a trip!’  For me it was beyond important. If he wasn’t a part of my day, clearly the day had changed. And THAT is what I wanted to convey to him even though his flight landed at 11:17pm late night.
I got home post work, met the mother, had dinner, and got increasingly restless like a child before Christmas eve. Dressed up and left for the airport, armed with a book in case an impending delay was going to stand in the way of my happiness. I knew I was making a fuss over something miniscule; but he knew me and he knew my fussing. I got there and parked myself right in front of the arrival gate. The view was marred by a few annoying kids left to run amok and climb the railings. I waited, occasionally glancing at the monitor to see the flight status (the website said an early landing was expected). Once it blinked ‘LANDED’, I got up and made my way to the arrival gate, closer. THAT’S WHEN IT HAPPENED.
My heart was pounding. This was as unexpected and involuntary as my snapping at folks who inched closer to the gate only to be pushed behind by security who included me in his unruly bunch to discipline. My impatience was mounting and the heart raced faster. There was a 20min gap before I even saw him emerge. In the interim he called and I lied I couldn’t make it and apologized for it. I thought about my anxiousness and was happy that even after 2.5 years together, the heart still raced to see him. There was no stagnancy and there was no mundane emotion. It was pure and involuntary and I felt good experiencing it after such a bloody long time.
He came; I hugged him and giggled. He was tired and worn out with barely a few hours of sleep tucked in between 2 tiresome days. It didn’t matter – his appearance or his lack of reciprocation. He hugged me, we kissed and that’s what meant the world to me. I thought we would hop in a cab and head straight home. Instead, he made room for a drink at Starbucks where we waited for an Uber cab. On the ride home, he passed out with my hand on his head. I dropped him home and with a kiss goodnight headed back to my place. I was content. It was barely an hour or two but it was quality for me and I did the best I could to make his day worthwhile.
I hope for no more such separations.
I pray for always feeling like it’s the 1st time we are meeting.
I dream of happy moments such as this.
I plan new surprises for many such moments!