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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cruel Intentions

I don't know what’s considered a worse crime: Being a woman or Being an Indian... Being an Indian woman living in India and OUTRAGED feels just about fit right now >-/   Then again I haven’t been to Somalia or Uganda yet.

Cruel Intentions is not restricted JUST to the cesspool that the 6 rapists of the Delhi gang-rape case represent. It represents the very proud, toilet minded, misogynistic Indian mentality. I have evasively followed the going-ons of the situation since that fateful day when these 6 samples brutalized not just a young soul and a nimble body, but the very spirit and strength of every girl child in India and her poor parents and family who now look at her like a fragile piece of China, mine included. It’s almost like the Polo ad tagline “Mint with a hole” except the proud Indian penis-mentality is targeted at “Flesh with a hole” (pardon the graphic nature of the statement).

I love criminal psychology. I honestly and innocently believed that there was a niche population of such brutes. I was wrong. The vast majority seem to outlaw and outnumber the decent kind. If I were to just venture out of my house at an odd hour, that is a 99.99% guaranteed recipe for rape, molestation or murder. Such is the state of my country and maybe the world. Why isn’t there a demarcation between man and animal? Even animals, save for the rumor about dolphins, do not indulge in such heinous behavior. They are gentler, fierce and respect boundaries. The brutes I am referring to seem to think of boundary as an imaginary chalk and cheese line. I still wonder what goes through the mind of an adult brutalizing a child or even an infant in some cases. How does science explain the arousal and the need to consummate with a small bundle of innocence? Is it just the human feeling or are there really a bunch of mismatched wires in their heads. Is it the patriarchal society and the secretive yet powerful matriarchal influence? Does she allow and abet the rape and molestation of other female family members out of revenge and grievance for what happened possibly to her or just plain inhuman rage. Gentlemanly demeanor and pure unorchestrated chivalry is such a rarity; it almost takes me by surprise.
Either way what’s going on is despicable. I have also loved and hated. But in my hate and loathing there have been limits. I draw the line for homicidal tendencies in my fantasy world up there *points to the head*. But I have never ever executed or even imagined the actual execution of a crime or brutality of it. Just the very thought makes me wanna take a shower to sterilize my soul. Following the Delhi rape case I was shocked that there was even a debate. Helllooo? Woohoo…? Clap clap WAKE UP. This ain’t no debate you nincompoop dickheaded inconsiderates. This is all out wrong. Why hasn’t justice yet not been served? Why is there a definition for such ghastly crimes and degrees assigned to it based on which the accused is punished. There is no temporary insanity plea here – I beg to butcher someone who pleads otherwise. These acts are calculated and pure lust indulgence. A need to overpower rather than just ‘do it’. I want to ask the very smart and opinionated politicians and pseudo public figures if they would stand by their very intelligent quotes and thoughts had one of their own family members been at the receiving end of such ‘events’.  True that many would ‘honor’ family name and sign off on it with “aisa hota hai”. I am ashamed to admit that’s what happens here in mass proportions; almost like a by law or a family tradition. Fathers and brothers ‘teaching lessons’ through the act of violation; in-laws treating daughter-in-laws like legally acquired fully time whores and friends betraying trusts or exacting revenge in groups and making video clips like they are freaking Speilberg.

What’s worse here is not the crime or the victim here. It’s the LACK OF FEAR AND DISREGARD FOR THE LAW. There is no boundary or red line. Our system is so flawed, it almost allows provisions to those who rape, pillage, plunder and murder. The Middle East and Pakistan and Afghanistan and any-istans cannot be labeled the new destinations for all Dawoods. India is the new haven. They all make visits here, do their business and walk out through the appropriate red and green channels. In the week that Nirbhaya was battling for her life and the country against the ghastly judiciary, there were 20+ reported cases of rapes, some similar to Nirbhaya, in the same week. These are just the reported ones. Need I say more! The revised judiciary examines rape with a cracked magnifying glass. There are categories such as: rape+death; gang rape; rape according to age; rape and its outcome; rape by who and how many; rape or ‘simply’ molestation and assault etc. I want to laugh out loud. Laugh and then break something.

Should I have a daughter? Yes I will. Should I be afraid? Hell yeah I will be very afraid. Will I have assurance, security and support as a sister, daughter, mother, wife, girlfriend etc? Of that there is no guarantee. Will they break me? NO. Will being overly cautious, looking over my shoulder, being suspicious and confining myself and my choices forever be the right way to go? Who knows maybe; but it sure as shit won’t be a human life. Will I listen to and obey a man? I will listen to him and hear him out, if he does likewise. Do I believe in the sanctity of any relationship or faith? I will if that relationship is honored in the way that it treats me as an equal and not a weak WOMAN. Will people aid and help strangers? It’s hard to answer.

Mera Bharat mahaan. Mera ‘Tharki’ Bharat mahaan!